• Paul

    Fun fact: In the reptilian heart, the aortic branches arise from the cavum venosum and carry oxygenated blood to the circulation which provides the functional blood supply to all body tissue.

  • Bernardo Neves

    Can artificial grass be used as substrate for grassland reptiles like Tortoises, Monitors or Tegus ?

  • Sandy Sizemore

    Hello, thank you for your article about substrates for reptiles. I have been researching mulches for my tiliqua and other reptiles. I have found a couple all natural mulches, one is bamboo, one is cypress. My concern is the silica, as they have California’s prop 65 warnings. Do you all have an opinion on the silica in mulch for reptile use? thanks so much

  • GTP

    Are puppy pads safe in snake racks or arboreal enclosures? Is there any literature on the subject other than forum opinion? I’ve been using for all my enclosures for an array of different snake species with no noticeable I’ll effects. I’ve used different brands and love the sterile look, absorbent qualities, and ease of cleanup. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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