Exo Terra Glow Light Porcelain Clamp Lamp

Exo Terra



Exo-Terra Glow Light Porcelain Clamp Lamps offer versatility and reliable performance. These terrarium light fixtures feature metal reflectors, heat-resistant ceramic sockets, and spring-loaded swivel clamps that let you position light or heat wherever your pet needs it.

  • Day & night fixture in one
  • Heat-resistant porcelain socket
  • Ideal for compact fluorescent & incandescent bulbs
  • Great for nocturnal viewing

The Glow Light features a glow-in-the-dark coating that stores light energy during the day and slowly releases it at night, providing 24 hours of energy-efficient lighting. This is a multi-purpose fixture that fits a wide variety of screw-based bulbs, including: Daytime Heat Lamps, Intense Basking Spot Lamps, Daylight Basking Spot Lamps, Halogen Basking Spot Lamps, Repti Glo Compact 2.0, 5.0 & 10.0 Lamps, Infrared Basking Spot Lamps, Solar Glo Lamps, and more.
Note: The Exo-Terra Glow Light models are NOT to be used with the Exo-Terra Terrariums. Instead, use the Exo-Terra Light Dome in conjunction with the Exo-Terra Light Bracket.


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