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lounge (noun) /lounj/ : a group of lizards
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All Reptiles and Amphibians. All the Time.

We're building a community devoted to making reptiles more appreciated by society. Our dream is for people to understand and embrace herps with the same enthusiasm as more traditional pets.

We work for our mission of reptile and amphibian acceptance by providing supplies, gifts, and educational resources. We want you to not only have the knowledge and supplies to maintain healthy, happy critters, but also have the outlet to show people that scales are just as amazing as fluff.

While we don't encourage everyone to own an exotic pet, we do want everyone to care about them.

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We love the herp community and we want your experience to be delightful. If there is anything we can do or any issues to correct, let us know. We'll make it happen.
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We know the frustration of making the perfect cart only to realize that shipping is too expensive or too complicated. That's why we made it easy. Flat rate shipping for all orders and free shipping over $100!  
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We work hard to provide the cheapest prices for herp supplies. If you find a better value, we will beat the competition by 5%. Make sure to let us know via email within 24 hours.
Community and Conservation
We support local and national communities promoting the inclusion and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. A portion of our annual profits goes to support these orgs.

About the Reptile Addicts (Us)

Two Lizards, a Snake, and Their Humans
We are a San Francisco based couple who lovingly care for our lizard lounge and snake buddy: adult Blue Tongue Skink, Igby; baby New Caledonian Giant Gecko, Mortimer; baby Rhino Ratsnake, Udon Danger Noodle. The crew is on Instagram @igbytheskink.

Igby and Celeste were recently featured in "Do Pets Increase Happiness? You Bet Your Biscuits They Do." Read to hear more about how Reptiles Lounge started and the role reptiles can play in mental health.

Become Part of the Community

We want to promote the entire reptile community, not just our products and supplies. If you want to work together, please reach out. We love artists, breeders, societies, events, social-activists, educators, and those working to promote our scaly friends online.

We are very active on social media and love to feature our friends. Follow or like us for a shoutout on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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Support The Herp Community

Why would an online store promote a physical store competitor?

Our mission is to make reptiles more appreciated in society. A large factor in this mission is the importance that local stores and vivariums play in introducing adults and children to a variety of herps. The best vivariums provide not only access to animals, but also expertise and a chance to meet people in the reptile-loving community.

If you live near a quality vivarium (not a large chain pet store), please support them! Our thanks goes to the San Francisco East Bay Vivarium, the oldest vivarium in the United States. This is our recommended live-pet supplier.