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Finley, CEO

“I came here to kick ass and chomp crickets, and I'm all outta crickets.” - Finley if he could talk, probably.

Finley is a doofy bearded dragon who graced the planet with his presence back in 2010. He became a part of the family as a wee bebe and continues to tell us all what to do 10 years later.

Ali Rae
Human CEO

As much as Finley wants to believe he's the one and only CEO, SOMEONE in charge needs to know how to operate a computer.... so I guess I'm the backup until he learns how!

Hey there yall. I'm Ali, a critter lover and your average weirdo. I've always loved reptiles and amphibians and literally every other animal ever (and the ocassional human).

Here's my zoo lineup:
Lilah - Adorable Pupper
Abby - Doofus Pupper
Chopper - Bengal Cat with a 'tude
Finley - The OG, the beardie
Mia + Xerxes - Froofy Tarantulas
Eric - The human husband

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Your critter matters to us

Reptiles Lounge is your one-stop-shop to grab goods that your herp will LOVE… You’ll find the best deals on food, accessories, decor, and everything in between... We're always trying to improve access to more items and looking for ways to make a better reptile shopping experience for you.

At the end of the day, your critter's health and happiness matters to us.

We're real people, with real critters of our own so don't hesitate to say hello every so often!

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Lizard stuff galore!

Whether you have a beardie, gecko, iguana, tegu or other reptile, you'll find lots of great stuff to keep them happy and healthy!

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Turtle turtle.

Sorry for the lame Master of Disguise reference. But if you own turtles you'll find lots of great stuff for your shelly friends.

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Sneks are friends

Snakes are awesome, so you'll find tons of awesome stuff to keep them happy n' healthy!

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Frogs n stuff

Frogs, toads, and other exotic friends are always welcome here. You'll find lots of great items for your exotic pets!