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Colleen Eastman | Bridgewater, New Jersey
Custom Harnesses Available
Stylish Enrichment for Lizards
Beautiful lizard harnesses enable you to take your scaly friend for walks and show off his winning personality. Whether you have classic tastes, or a flair for winged dragons, these reptile harnesses are high-quality and stunning.
Quality Matters
I began making my own harnesses after attempting to shop for one for several months. I found a couple of different brands at the pet store but they were cheaply made and only came in black or brown. I thought that was strange as there are thousands of different styles when it comes to cat and dog leashes. Surely i couldn't be the only lizard lover out there who loved to take their friend outside!
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After making several different designs and testing them out on my bearded dragon (he is a saint and the chillest dragon you will ever meet), I came up with a comfortable design and tested it for several months before I started selling.

I have heard that some lizard owners don't really take their friends out much but in my experience they really do love it and getting some legit sunshine is great for them!

I enjoy making a quality handmade product both for myself and for other lizard lovers out there. My little guy brings so much joy into my life and i want to do the same for him and I find bringing him out is a great way to do it.

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