Old World Pet Portraits
Carol Lew | Massachusetts, USA
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Bringing Old Word Decadence to New World Pets
My current work brings an old world flair to our animal friends. I delight in finding unique ways to bring a strong sense of personality to my models.

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It's About the Animals
There’s something about my artwork that’s deeper to me than just putting a dress on a pooch. Classic historical human portraiture depicts the subject as proud, dignified, and elegant. I like to create my Old World Portraits with that same air of importance because I believe animals deserve the same esteem as human beings do. Yea, we have an edge over them, but they are worthy of our respect…. and even an honored spot over the mantle.
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What has kept me painting these portraits for close to two decades? It’s just so much fun creating them with people who love animals as much as I do. Since you’ve landed in my Esty Shop, I’m pretty sure you are my kind of people. We’re the folks who are more likely to show our friends pictures of our pets than our kids. We love them like they’re family. The bond we have with our animals is meaningful and cherished. My artwork may seem silly to some, but I think my people get it; Old World Pet Portraits celebrate the relationship between people and the animals they love…. With a bit of traditional history and a touch of zany humor.

My husband and I live and work in a cozy old farmhouse in the western mountains of Massachusetts. We share our house with our furry friends: Our dog, Bunsen, and our cats, Cutie-Patootie and Barney. For as long as I have been working from home as an artist, I have dedicated volunteer time every week to local animal rescue work. For me, it’s all about the animals.

I sincerely hope that my artwork adds to the warm fuzzy feeling you have about the animals in your life. That’s the goal I’m going for every day.