Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

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Congrats on your new bearded dragon! It looks like you need a bearded dragon starter kit. This tankless kit provides the essential items for owning a young bearded dragon - up to 1 foot (12 inches) longThe items in this kit are intended to go in a 20L tank. We worked hard to provide you the most cost-effective kit we could provide without sacrificing quality. Grab your tank, grab your beardie, order this kit, and you are good to go! 
We also have created a Bearded Dragon Basics collection if you wish to purchase items individually or add non-basic items like decor, hammocks, etc. The see our full list of bearded dragon items, click here

Items Included In Kit

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    *If the product is listed as sold out, it means one or more of the items is sold out. Please enter your email and we can help find substitutions. 

    ** This bundle is sold at the same cost it would be to purchase each item individually

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