Care & Breeding of Chameleons (Herpetocultural Library, The)

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Care & Breeding of Chameleons

Title: Care & Breeding of Chameleons (Herpetocultural Library, The)

Author: De Vosjoli, Philippe

Synopsis: In-depth focus on the Panther, Jackson's, Veiled and Parson's chameleons. You'll find information on natural history, conservation, captive care, selection, behavior, hatchling care, reproduction, parasites, health problems and more. Written by the top experts who keep these species. 128 pp. B&W and Color photos.

Product Description: Chameleons are beautiful lizards known for their ability to change colors dramatically. In an effort to care for and maintain these sensitive lizards, knowledge of their habitat requirements and social behaviors is necessary. This is the first of several volumes in this open-ended series on chameleon care.

Condition: Very good condition. Little to no wear, pages are clean. The cover and binding are crisp with next no creases.

ISBN: 9781882770304 


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