Exo Terra Canopy Worm Dish

Exo Terra


The Exo-Terra Canopy Worm Dish provides arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles with a convenient feeder that encourages more natural feeding behaviors. It can be mounted at any height with a self-adhesive clip, and features an escape-proof lip that keeps live worms right where you want them.

  • Elevated live worm feeding dish for tree-dwelling reptiles
  • Self-adhesive clip allows mounting at any height
  • Escape-proof lid prevents worm loss
  • 2 pieces allow easy cleaning

The feeder is easy to remove for re-positioning or cleaning.

  1. Clean the surface of the terrarium glass.
  2. With the protective backing still intact, place the Self-adhesive Clip to determine its final position.
  3. Mark the position with a wax pencil or other marker.
  4. Remove the protective backing and carefully fit the Self-adhesive Clip within the marked area.
  5. Make sure the tape is pressed evenly against the terrarium glass and that no air bubbles are showing.
  6. Press the self-adhesive part firmly against the glass panel for at least 30 seconds.
  7. Wait a few moments and make sure the tape is attached firmly to the terrarium before suspending the feeder.

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