Exo Terra Silk Ficus Forest Plant

WOAH!!! Did your herp just transport all the way to the jungle rainforest in Brazil?!

🌿 Your critter will sure think so when you set up this realistic faux plant in its terrarium... A dreamy tropical oasis!

🌿 The best part about adding this replica greenage is that the materials are SUPER easy to clean and maintain, which is such an important part of your reptile routine.

🌿 Helps create natural hiding spots for reptiles and amphibians to help them live a natural and healthy life.

🌿 With real plants, you risk your critter trying to eat 'em. And real plants require maintenance. With Exo Terra's replica plants, you have all the looks and feel of a real plant, without the hassle.

🌿 Even if you DO use real foliage in your setup, there are sometimes areas of the cage unsuitable for plants (too hot for example). So this fake plant is a PERFECT substitute.


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