Flukers Repta-Leash




Fluker's Repta-Leash is engineered to provide the ultimate in security, safety and comfort for a variety of lizards of all ages and sizes. Each Repta-Leash features a 6 foot adjustable lead for your convenience and your pet's safety when out of the tank.

  • The ultimate in security, safety & comfort
  • With 6' adjustable lead, soft harness & belt snap
  • For lizards of all ages & sizes

The Repta-Leash features a soft harness for maximum comfort and durability. The lead is tightly braided to reduce fuzz and pilling. Great for keeping lizards safe on the ground or securely on your shoulder.

Instructions: Press button on ball and slide to form a loop that will fit over your lizard's head. Next, place lizard's legs into the openings on the harness, adjusting until the harness fits snugly against the lizard's chest. Slide ball down to lizard's back.

Note: Should not be used as a tie-out. Do not leave pet unattended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review


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  • which size would be best for a 6 in baby bearded dragon

    A small would probably be best for a baby bearded dragon, but you would want a larger size for an adult beardie.

  • Can I exchange it if I buy the wrong size?

    You can return it.  We will refund your order.  Then, you can place a new order.

    Thanks and take care