Flukers Repta-Sun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Lamp


Fluker's Repta-Sun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Lighting replicates the effects of natural sunlight to create an ideal habitat for indoor reptiles. These full spectrum lamps allow reptiles to see better, enhance natural food and skin colors and provide essential UVB for optimal health.

  • Full spectrum T8 fluorescent reptile lighting
  • Replicates natural sunlight & enhances colors
  • Provides essential UVB for reptile health

Great for sun-loving diurnal (daytime-active) reptiles and amphibians, Repta-Sun lamps provide the UVB radiation (290-310 nm) needed to stimulate Vitamin D synthesis, and 20% UVA to promote healthy metabolism and daily activities. This is an ideal amount of UV light for keeping reptiles healthy and creating an environment that's comfortable for your pet. Repta-Sun 5.0 UVB lights have a Color Rendering Index of 94 (out of 100), providing an almost exact simulation of how colors appear in natural sunlight.

Directions: Use UVA and UVB lights only during the day cycle. Bulb should be positioned within 18" of your pet, with full exposure to the skin (screen tops are preferable to glass for maximum UVB penetration). Keep day/night cycles equal to regulate behaviors and avoid stress.


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