Kordon Turtle Ramp & Platform


Kordon's Turtle Ramps provide simple, stable and easily cleaned platforms for aquatic turtles, salamanders and frogs to exit the water and bask as they would in their natural environment.

  • Simple, stable and easily cleaned platforms
  • Allows aquatic turtles, salamanders & frogs to exit the water & bask
  • Designed to fit a wide range of aquatic terrarium situations

Both ramps are constructed of a single piece of formed clear acrylic with suction cups to attach it to any smooth surface. Turtle Ramps can also be used in dry terrariums and will provide many reptiles with a multi-level platform for basking and regulating their body temperature.

Suggested Initial Installation: Place the Ramp against the side wall of the aquarium with the main platform located approximately one inch above the water level. Make sure that the ramp extends down into the water. Push the suction cups tightly against the glass to ensure a firm, stable platform. Remove the ramp from the aquarium to wash. Use dishwashing soap and rinse thoroughly.

Note: In many cases the Ramp will allow the animals to be close to the top of the terrarium. You should make sure that the heat source is a safe distance away and that the animals cannot escape.


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