Reptology Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform



Penn Plax's Reptology Turtle Topper is an above-tank basking platform that is a perfect inventive way for you to interact with your turtles! The Turtle Topper by Reptology creates a natural aquatic environment maximizing basking and swimming spaces.

  • Access door allows for UVB penetration
  • Dimensions: 17"L x 14"W x 10"H - (Fits most 55 Gallon Tanks)
  • Top is see through & opening is 6.75" wide
  • Maximum water level indicator
  • Adjustable suction cups
  • Basking platform and underwater resting platform

Healthy Habitat Recommendations

Please allow your turtle time to adjust to its new basking platform. A turtle's natural desire and need to bask will draw it to use the Turtle Topper.

Hatchling turtles generally require water that is shallower. A good general rule is to use the Turtle Topper with turtles that have a minimum shell size of four inches.

The Turtle Topper ramp is designed with a maximum water level indicator. It is important to NOT fill your tank above this level. With the water at this level, your turtle should not be able to escape. It is advisable to not place any items such as tall plants or other décor in your turtle's tank that the turtle can use as a footing to climb out. However, you can also retrofit a screen cover or other materials to make a top for the open space to prevent escape if necessary or to prevent children or other pets from having access to the tank.


The Turtle Topper is designed to be used with two (2) 5.5" clamp lamp fixtures (not included). A good general guideline is to use a 75 watt basking/heat bulb in one (1) fixture and a 5.0 compact UVB bulb in the other fixture. Always research the specific requirements of your turtle.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Periodically remove the Turtle Topper from the turtle tank and clean with a reptile safe cleaning product or use a mild soap or dishwashing detergent. In order to disinfect and sterilize the Turtle-Topper, it is also recommended to clean with a diluted bleach solution of approximately one (1) cup bleach to one (1) gallon of water. Make sure to rinse completely and allow to air dry before placing the unit back on your turtle's tank.

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Customer Reviews

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