Zilla Aquatic Reptile Heater




This fully submersible heater provides consistent warmth for aquatic reptiles. It is preset to 78¡ and shatter resistant. Each heater has a protective plastic outer housing which protects the animal from direct contact with the heat. The power cord is coil wrapped in protective metal which helps prevent accidental damage to the heater cord and also keeps turtle safe should they accidentally bite the cord.  

  • Completely submersible heater 
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • Protective plastic outer housing and coil wrapped power cord keeps turtle safe 
  • Equipped with automatic internal safety shut off to prevent overheating
  • Ideal for terrariums up to 40G


Ask a Question
  • Would this be a good heater for my yellow bellied sliders?

    This would work well for a YBS. Remember, you will still need to have a basking spot outside of the water.