Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platform - Turtle Trunk




Freedom and mobility of decor is a key element to creating a naturalistic habitat for you pet. Aesthetics are not sacrificed for functionality with this realistic looking tree trunk platform. The upper platform section floats as the water level changes from evaporation or water changes while the bottom stays firmly in place. It provides an easily accessible basking surface for your turtle, newts, or any other aquatic reptile or amphibian. It is freestanding so it can be placed anywhere within an aquatic environment. The maneuverability of this piece allows the for the lights to be placed directly above them and away from the terrarium frame, preventing heat damage to the plastic frame. It also removes the need for suctions cups, which can wear out over time.

  • amazing natural look
  • floating upper platform stays at water level
  • durable and easy to clean
  • position anywhere for optimum heat and UVB exposure
  • 11.75" X 9.5" X 5.25"


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