Zoo Med Amazonian Phyllo Plant - Realistic Plastic Foliage

Zoo Med

Zoo Med Amazonian Phyllo Plastic Plant is bushy foliage that looks JUST like a real plant; your reptile will never know the difference. In all fairness, YOU may forget that it's fake for a split second too! I just looks so incredibly realistic! It creates stress-reducing hiding spots for all your beloved terrarium inhabitants!

This greenage offers lots of resting and hiding places for all types of reptiles. Your critters will love frolicking around its branches and leaves; they'll feel like they're in misty jungle foliage on a warm summer morning!

  • Makes a natural-looking bush for reptiles
  • Provides resting and hiding places for your herps to help them live a happy and healthy terrarium life
  • Made of premium-quality, SAFE plastic material
  • Fade resistant so its gorgeous looks will last!


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