Zoo Med Dragon Sand

  • All natural sand for bearded dragons & other desert reptiles
  • Very fine quartz sand stimulates natural digging & burrowing behaviors
  • Helps relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle

Disclosure: We offer this product, as some individuals prefer this for their pet. However, we would like you, as an owner, to be fully aware of public opinion on sand. 

Sand is commonly used with bearded dragons, though there is concern, especially when keeping young lizards, that intestinal impaction could result if they accidentally eat some. It is not recommended that you keep young bearded dragons on sand, or any kind of loose substrate. Newspaper, paper toweling or reptile carpet (though watch for loose threads or areas that can snag dragon toenails) would be better choices.
Adult bearded dragons can be kept on these same substrates... You can also purchase digestible “reptile sand” at reptile and pet stores, though opinions on the safety of these are varied. If you try some, be sure to follow manufacturer directions. Sand mixed with clean soil that has not been treated with any fertilizers, pesticides, etc., can also be used with adult bearded dragons.
If you keep your bearded dragons on sand, reduce the risk of impaction by offering food on a shallow dish rather than placing it directly on the substrate.


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