Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable / Wrap

Put the heat right where you need it in your reptile's tank setup!

  • Wrap it around branches or cage furniture, or use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks.
  • Flexible, water resistant, and durable, Repti Heat Cable has numerous uses for the professional or the hobbyist.
  • Low wattage, and very economical to operate.
  • Use in wood, plastic, or glass terrariums.

Note: Can be used in high humidity terrariums but should not be submerged in water.

IMPORTANT: The first 6.5 feet does not heat up! This ensures that you have plenty of regular cord to set up and plug in outside of the tank.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Excellent product

I have a dozen of these, they work great with no deviations in temp and I've had some of them for years and haven't had one burnout yet.

Perfect for my needs!

I wasn't sure about this because a few of the other reviews. I am very satisfied though! I got this cable to help keep my ant warm, I also have a small temperature gauge by the cable so I can keep an eye on the temperature. The cable keeps the area between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. On the smallest size I got, only about the last 3" feet of the cable is actually heated. which I thought was going to be too much for my needs, but actually works just fine! This is HOW IT IS DESIGNED TO BE, people.

Works Great

Works great and does the job.

Works Great

Hesitantly bought this item to keep the metal nipples thawed on my automatic rabbit watering system. The cable works great. Keeps heat to a 6' run and works as hoped. Has held up for over a month now. Used inside an unheated barn in Michigan winter.

very nice and warm

Used inside my homemade queen ant incubator and it kept it nice and warm. Kinda hot so i had you be careful to not directly make it touch my test tubes.


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