Zoo Med ReptiSun HO T5 Terrarium Hood


Zoo Med's ReptiSun HO T5 Terrarium Hoods are designed to provide your pet reptiles with the UVB and UVA they need in an efficient, long-lasting lamp. High Output (HO) T5 fluorescent lamps provide UVB penetration at greater distances, making these hoods an ideal choice for taller terrarium tanks and cages.

  • Limited Time Only - Includes FREE ReptiSun T5 HO 5.0 UVB Lamp
  • New low profile design is only 1" tall with a highly polished curved reflector for increased lamp efficiency
  • Energy efficient T5 HO electronic ballast for rapid start and maximum llight & UVB output

The included T5 HO lamp is the strongest ReptiSun lamp available, is 2 times stronger than T8 fluorescent lamps, and provides UVB, UVA and visible light for your reptile. The lighting hood features a low profile design and uses an energy efficient T5 HO electronic ballast for rapid startup and maximum lamp performance. A highly polished curved reflector increases the lamp's efficiency.

14": Includes 15 Watt 12" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
24": Includes 24 Watt 22" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
30": Includes 24 Watt 22" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
36": Includes 39 Watt 34" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
48": Includes 54 Watt 46" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp

Why is UVB important?
Reptiles need UVB for Vitamin D production and calcium metabolism. Without UVB, reptiles can develop Metabolic Bone Disease in 6 months or less. UVB, along with proper temperatures, will enable your reptiles to make Vitamin D and process calcium from their diet.

Why is UVA important?
Reptiles and amphibians can see things that humans can't. UVA is part of the rainbow of colors that reptiles can see. UVA helps to increase animal activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors. Without UVA, they are color blind!

The ReptiSun HO T5 Terrarium Hood is for use with the following lamps:
Reptisun 5.0 HO - 15 watt / 12"

  • Designed for use with tropical & temperate reptiles
  • For terrariums up to 18" tall

ReptiSun 10.0 T5 HO - 15 watt / 12"

  • Designed for use with desert reptiles
  • For terrariums up to 30" tall

Always follow all safety instructions when setting up and operating your terrarium light hood.

1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

NOTE --- This hood INCLUDES Zoo Med HO T5 Bulb to match (see list above)! But it's always a good idea to buy a backup bulb anyway, as you should replace your bulbs regularly to ensure their efficiency. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews

    I'm not sure if it was the new UVB setup or the dimmable heat lamp fixture and hotter bulb, but my dragon is MUCH happier and more active than he's been since the weather turned cooler. He's on the prowl and eating regularly again, the terrarium setup looks more professional, and the bulbs should last twice as long now. My only complaint is that I didn't know it came with a bulb, but now I just have an extra to use in 12 months.

    Half price of Pet shop's

    Best price I've found


    Great deal. Saved $$$s

    works well

    This product actually came with a bulb and I had ordered one as well. The light give great ambiance to the tank without hurting my Gecko's eyes. I only leave it on for 12 hours a day and off for 12 and it is set on a timer. Works great and fits well on top of tank.

    Perfect Reptile UV Light

    I love this light it is perfect for my chameleon’s terrarium. I would definitely recommend it to any chameleon owners. It is very nice and high quality. Great value for the money!


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